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April 2006

Exhibit 300 Survival Guide

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This Survival Guide is for the busy Federal season of preparing information technology business cases, which are submitted as Exhibit 300s for management and budget reviews. The Survival Guide links to our newsletter articles and other materials prepared over the past several years, and we hope you will find the "Quick Links" useful during the coming months.

The P2C2 Group helps organizations implement smarter solutions for information technology management and capital investment. Our work covers the full life cycle: strategic planning, development of new business cases, portfolio management, and evaluation. We have years of experience in supporting new initiatives, including preparation of Exhibit 300s and all supporting documentation and financial models. Our experience includes coaching, training, and business case review functions as well.  More information about smarter services and solutions is available from Jim Kendrick, president.

OMB Is Changing the Exhibit 300


Survival Guide

How OMB Scores Exhibit 300s

Funding for federal information technology (IT) projects is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more departments and agencies face a tightening U.S. budget. Major IT projects, especially new initiatives, must score well when OMB evaluates the Exhibit 300 Business Cases that support project investments. 
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Quick Solutions for Agency-Wide Exhibit 300 Preparation

Summer was once the season for preparing Exhibit 300 business cases for justifying IT investments to the Office of Management and Budgets (OMB), but this year the startup activity is already underway in many agencies. 
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How to Build a Business Case

Here are some steps for making the case to OMB for funding for a "ground zero" project, from Jim Kendrick, president of the P2C2 Group, Inc. 
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OMB Exhibit 300s for New Projects

New initiatives for federal investments in IT face a rigorous process of planning and justification to obtain approval by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). This article outlines basic steps for developing a major new IT initiative, and it is based on our experience in preparing over 15 Exhibit 300 Business Cases that agencies have submitted to OMB. 
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How to Build an Effective Exhibit 300

For agencies, an Exhibit 300—the business justification for any major federal capital information technology expenditure—is a fact of life, required for approval by the Office of Management and Budget before any large systems project.
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Smarter Business Case Reviews

Most Federal agencies conduct independent reviews of their Exhibit 300 business cases, which they submit to the Office of Management and Budget as justification for capital investments. In government circles, the review process is known as business case reviews (BCRs), scoring, and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V). 
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Build CPIC Support into Technology Management

CPIC isn't just about getting money during budget season; it's about organizational performance, cost efficiency, and outcomes. 
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Smarter CPIC

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EVMS in Civilian Agencies

Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) are galloping into the federal civilian arena, promising to change the way agencies and their contractors conduct business. The change is occurring because the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has mandated that agencies must comply with an EVMS standard in order to receive funding for the development, modernization, or enhancement (DME) of major information technology investments. 
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Smarter Enterprise Management with EVMS

EVMS offers remarkable benefits, but many public and private sector organizations miss the point because EVMS is a little like marriage. It is easy to say "I do" and show off the new ring. But it requires a life-changing commitment to make it work on an ongoing basis. 
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Saving Money through E-Government

We need to look beyond federal information technology when searching for cost savings and Return on Investment (ROI).
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Acquisition Strategy and E-Government

Acquisition strategy is the bridge between the idea and reality of e-Government. This is why Acquisition Strategy is part of the Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process and one of the 10 areas where the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) scores Exhibit 300s. 
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IT Capital Investments and Performance-Based Contracting

A marriage made in Capitol Heaven is the joining together of information technology investments and performance contracting. The Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process for Federal Information Technology (IT) makes Performance-Based Service Contracting (PBSA) incredibly easy to define and implement.  
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Enterprise Management of the OMB Exhibit 300 Business Case Process

The Exhibit 300 process for justifying capital investments in information technology consumes a lot of time, effort, cost, and paperwork. Many government organizations would like to make the process more efficient. 
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Putting the Federal in EA

The federal budget will be getting tighter in upcoming years, and the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) offers a long-term solution. This can ultimately benefit agency budgets, particularly true if you act now and get ahead of the transition curve. 
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Alternatives Analysis

Decision Trees are aptly named, because alternatives analysis should lead to a careful exploration of many choices and sub-choices (branches and sub-branches). For major federal projects, evaluating viable options is a serious undertaking, because hastily picking the wrong branch without careful analysis can literally leave agencies and contractors "out on a limb." 
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Project Risk Management

You may have heard the story of the man who drowned in a swamp with an average water depth of 24 inches. Risks abound in everyday life because the world deviates, unexpectedly, from the average. You can find yourself over your head without warning. 
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The Economic Value of Design

Federal Enterprise Architecture and IT capital investments will be lackluster and miss out on significant economic value unless more emphasis is placed on excellence in design and innovation. 
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Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer service is important to all stakeholders in the Federal Sector--agencies, contractors, and grantees. Over the long term, our budgets, revenues, and organizational existence all hinge on delivering value to customers. 
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Performance-Based Contracting


Performance measures are at the core of federal procurement reform. Today, the government wants to buy results ... not just hours of effort. This new focus can pay off for both government customers and smart contractors. Read article ...

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